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What Can You Do With A Reverse Mortgage?

I use my education, training, and experience to help clients reach their financial goals. I have been in the business as a mortgage broker since 1997.

My primary product is a reverse mortgage that provides customers with access to their home equity as cash, without any mandatory monthly payments or prepayment penalties.  

This program is unique in that it is straightforward to understand, without any complex technology required.  

  • Eliminate Mortgage Payments for the Rest of Your Life?
  • Establish a Monthly Income.
  • Take that Dream Vacation?
  • Lump sum needed for personal reasons
  • Conveniently age in place
  • Purchase a home better situated for your future
  • Avoid making taxable withdrawals from 401k, savings plans.

Money on a Reverse Mortgage is Not Taxed

Your Partner In Tailored Financial Solutions

  • Keep Ownership of your Home
  • Will not Affect Medicare or Social Security Benefits
  • Increase Your Retirement Savings
  • Reverse Mortgages began in 1962
  • Federally Insured or Proprietary
  • Disbursement options for the loan
  • Fixed or Adjustable Rates